World Turtle Day

Turtle hanging around the bottomToday is World Turtle Day, a day to highlight the plight of turtles worldwide. Pretty much every species is endangered. Some of the videos I’ve seen of turtles engulfed in plastic, discarded fishing nets, and other rubbish are just heartbreaking.

Here on Curacao we have a special place to see turtles. If you want to swim with turtles, and want to absolutely guarantee you see some, the the place to be is Playa Grandi. There are always, always, always turtles in the bay.

Yet another turtle picYou can see dozens of them most days. The fisherman clean their catch on the dock, and toss the remains into the water. Dozens of turtles hang around waiting for their chance at a free meal!



Cara caraThere are lots of birds here on Curacao. Full stop. The island is on the migratory route of over 5000 birds, so we see lots of wonderful looking birds, often for just a short time.

We have an indigenous hawk called the cara cara which is a pretty big predator around here. We’ve seen it take out some of the local cats even!

But my bird news is getting an eagle on the par 5 hole number 17 at our Blue Bay golf course. It’s one of the longest holes on the course so a good drive is important. I hit a nice ball, right in the center of the fairway, and it rolled nicely to within 175 yards.

I took my hybrid 4 wood and put it nicely on the green. The putt was 14ish feet or so? But I put it straight down the middle. Pretty thrilled with that!