Max in a happier time

For Max

Serpentine ParkOn a sunny spring day,

Maxie came to play,

with a shake of his head,

he tossed his ball my way,

“Let’s play,” he said!

His tail stood curved, proud and erect,

Max in the Watershed though his body was old and wrecked,

he gave a happy bark,

but could no longer give chase.

Each step was slow, and painful

And Painfully I knew.

The time for play was over.

As he lay in our arms,

 I whispered, “Look for Buck”Buck in the snow

“He’ll show you the ropes,

And both of you,

Just Wait for us,

under the willow tree.”

RIP Max.    March 10, 2000 – April 25, 2013
Dogwood Park
Max at the watershedWatershed parkMax in the Watershed Pam and MaxPam n MaxMudbay ParkMax n MMax at Surrey LakeMax with his harnessMax recovering nicelyMe and MaxHe's got his eye on you!Max in a happier timeMax hurtingMax in the fernsMax and bearMax at the watershedMax in the WatershedSerpentine ParkMax relaxsMax - lighter colorMax on MondayMax in the snowPam clips MaxRiding in the carSt. Patrick's DaySerpentine ParkEye of MaxElmoMax at ChristmasMax, New Year's Eve, 2009Day One for MaxBored MaxShe's got 'em!Where's Max?Pam and MaxMax with Christmas PresentsMax - looking goodMax in a mirrorRiding in the carMax Sleeping - first day homeMax and buddiesMax In the SnowMax looking greatMax in the fogMaxwell MontgomerySerpentine ParkFreedom parkSerpentine ParkMax, April 17 2013.Max among the daffodilsMax in Hawthorne ParkMax and bearsAt Green TimbersPam and MaxMax's new scarfMax in DogwodMax and buddyMax in a bucket!Max in a bucket!Dogwood ParkDogwood ParkMax, September 2008SniffingMax Max in the park

10 thoughts on “For Max”

  1. Maurice and Pam, we are both so sorry for your great loss. You guys did a most noble and honorable thing by taking in old Max when he was left aside by his last owner. Your attributes of unconditional love and faith are only matched by our furry friends. I know he’s up there, barking at Elmo, chasing ducks with Buck…and just waiting for the great reunion one day…. Sincerely, Marit & John

  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Max. I didn’t even know he was ill, had not talked to you 2 for so long, I keep looking for you on the internet but never see you anymore. Miss you

  3. Thanks everyone! Appreciate the kind words. It sure seems QUIET around the house now! wow – sure do miss the little guy. We’re going to have to start looking for version 3.0 soon!

  4. Wow , well said Maurice , there up there playing together right now. You guys are amazing parents the one thing they both knew for sure was how much they were loved. Hope you guys are doing ok.

  5. yes Max, RIP… time to go meet Buck and get to know one another and share stories about what a super ‘ Mom and Dad’ they shared….

  6. So wonderfully said.
    You were twice blessed with such wonderful fellows and
    they too were equally blessed to have you in their lives.
    They couldn’t have had any better life and times without you.

  7. Much loved but never really gone in the hearts who love him.
    ….Rest in Peace Max……Thinking of you guys…………Cathy Roland and Mum.

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