Octopus in the garden

Mini snorkel at Blue Bay

Orange spotted tile fishWe’ve have not been snorkeling as much as usual. Not for any reason, really, just haven’t seemed to jump in the ocean as often as usual. I guess with the lock down, we kind of got out of the habit of being in the ocean.

Yesterday we decided to try a late in the afternoon swim. The winds seem to die off in the back half of the day, so we decided to go jump in. It was nice and warm and the water was pretty clear. Sometimes the little bay where we enter the water gets cloudy from all the bodies, but it hasn’t been busy, so the water was nice and clear.

Octopus in the gardenWe saw the usual suspects and had a nice time, and then as we were about to leave, we spotted a big octopus. He was definitely the biggest we’ve ever seen here in Blue Bay, and as big as any we’ve ever seen.

He hung around a chunk of coral and let us check him out over and over again.


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