Southern stingray

Playa Porto Mari

Just a small post to let you know we’re still around. Been a busy week – we are making some changes to our apartment – installing a new set of doors to expand the square footage of the apartment. Gives us another room, which we’ll use as our dining room. We’re also adding a second air conditioner so that when company comes, the living room will have an airco unit to keep them cool. We found a very cool furniture store that makes custom modern Euro-style furniture. We ordered a sofa that converts into a very comfortable bed. It will take a couple months to arrive.

Three under a rockWe’ve been getting in the ocean almost every day. Playa Porto Mari has always been one of our favorite places on the island. It has gone through some renovations, and it’s looking sharp. We had a terrific snorkel there on Thursday and saw just tons of stuff. Finally saw a black durgon – the first trigger fish we’ve seen in a long, long time.

Another surprise to us has been how many green moray eels we’ve seen. They have been out free swimming, rather than hiding. Usually they are a nocturnal type, spending days hiding under rocks and shelves. We saw a little southern stingray, about two feet across. Quite fun!

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