Playa Jeremi beach

Playa Jeremi

Spotted filefish, Playa JeremPam and I spent a nice afternoon snorkeling around Playa Jeremi. It is a beach out Westpunt way. There is a small unpaved road you have to travel on, for maybe five hundred meters. There is plenty of parking, but there are no resources here: no bathroom, no shower, no dive shop, no restaurant, and just a couple of broken down palapas. Hopefully, as the Playa Jeremi resort gets established, they will improve this lovely little beach.

Coronetfish at Playa JeremiThe beach is quite picturesque, with a long sandy stretch. On the day we were there, we shared the lovely bay with six other people. The entry into the water is very easy, with a rather level, sandy stretch. The visibility was quite good during our visit. There were lots of fish to see, but the coral was not stellar. Further out it’s quite nice, and especially on the left side of the bay. Still we saw a big coronetfish, which we don’t often see. As well, we saw a black durgon, a type of triggerfish which we rarely see here in Curacao.

Playa JeremiWe saw a little turtle in close to shore as were coming out of the water. Always fun to see turtles! Certainly Playa Jeremi does not have the coral like Blue Bay, but it was a nice diversion.


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