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Dogwood Park, South Surrey

Dogwood ParkToday was a gorgeous day, so Pam and I took a drive down south near the Nico Wynd golf course and took Max to Dogwood Park. It’s a large off leash park, with lots of nice trails though some old growth trees. It’s easily the largest off leash park we’ve been to. The trails are really quite extensive, some even running alongside small bodies of water.

Dogwood ParkThere is a man made lake, with a bridge that dogs can jump off into the water! Not that Max would ever do that! There were no ducks on the lake, so Max didn’t find anyone to chase, today.

There are large fields that lots of dogs were chasing balls and playing frisbee on. The park is a really nice mix of open spaces and wooded areas. We walked around for quite a while, crisscrossing the park, walking through some spectacularly sized redwoods, and other large fir trees.

Max loved it! He chased a few birds, but basically he stays with us while we walk. There were a few gravel paths and he doesn’t really like walking on gravel. I think the stones get caught in his webbed feet and he kinda “spins his tires” to get them out!