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The return of the flamingo

Flamingos returnWe have lots of water features around our property, mostly associated with the golf course. There has been a large community of flamingos that spend their days at the water feature that separates the first and eighteenth fairways.

But, they all left. We have not seen any for a long time. There is a salt flat just a short distance away, towards Kokomo Beach, where lots of flamingos can be seen virtually any day.

Well, today we saw one back on Blue Bay! It’s been a while, so it’s good to see them start to come back. Hopefully it won’t be just the one, and more will come back.

Oh, and Happy New Year! The fireworks were crazy here again this year. Went on pretty much all night. The whole island lights up, and it’s crazy noisy. Poor Bailey. She pretty much spends the night in the shower – it’s farthest she can get from the noise!

Happy New Year!

Counting stepsIt’s been a tough transition to the cool climes of Canada after the warm temperatures in the Caribbean! We’ve been treated to a couple spectacular days of fog here though, so that’s been interesting.

Bailey didn’t seem to mind our being away too much. She has easily settled right back into her normal routine of sticking her nose into my face at 7:30 am, just to let me know that she’s available to go for a walk if I want to get up.

With the loss of my father this year, it’s difficult to be upbeat as the year closes. But the weeks in the south were very nice, with wonderful experiences in and out of the ocean. But I have to admit it’s been a very difficult time.

I wish you all the best in 2016. I’ve been running a lot that last few months, so in the spirit of that sport I offer you this toast: May you be half way to the hot tub, before the barking dogs know you’ve run by their yards!