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Varsenbaii, or Kokomo Beach

Purple coralTuesday saw us head back up to the area around Blue Bay. We found a couple nice beaches, but the one we selected to get in at was Kokomo Beach at Varsenabaii. There are lots of facilities here: a big restaurant, a dive shop, and a massage tent. There are plenty of beach lounge chairs and a raft in the middle of the bay completes the picture. There is a nice little dock with a stair ladder to get you into the water quickly and easily.

Parrotfish in the coral Like Blue Bay, there is plenty of coral, and lots of fish. It is not as spectacular as Blue Bay, but then, this one is free! The conditions were not great, as the water was slightly murky, due to a big rainstorm Monday night, and early Tuesday morning. Still, there was plenty to see. I would definitely like to come back here when the conditions were a bit better.

BurrfishWe stayed in the water for a couple hours, then drove back to the hotel. We can watch the dolphin shows from our balcony, and we’ve been seen at least one show per day. I’ll have to get some video and pictures up… it’s great fun to watch. The hot tub here has been fantastic – it’s strange to hear Pam say that the hot tub does NOT need to be hotter! It’s a great big tub, and usually we’re the only ones in there! Nice!

CowfishThis movie is just a view of some of the coral you can see at Kokomo Beach. This was up the left hand side of the bay, quite close in. Out near the drop off, there is a whole ton of stuff too, but the conditions made it difficult to get good shots. When it’s a bit murky, it seems the camera focuses on the bits of stuff floating in the water, rather than what you want it to take the picture of!