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Cemetery Beach

Cemetary beach Today we went to Cemetery Beach. It’s called that because the cemetery actually backs onto the beach. There are parking spots just off the “highway.” The path to reach the beach runs along the side of the tombstones and cenotaphs.

StingrayStingrays are all over these waters, but these are the first ones we have seen so far. He’s not all that big, perhaps 2.5 feet in total, including the stinger. It’s neat to see them scoot along the bottom, just wiggling the edges of their body.

StingrayOne of the stingrays we saw had a little fish that hung on his shoulder the whole time. Kinda cool.

Nurse SharkWe also saw a nurse shark, about 12 feet long laying on the bottom. We didn’t really hang around. But later we talked to the guy at the dive shop where we bought our snorkel stuff, and he said not to worry about the nurse shark. Mostly shy, a bottom feeder. No real accounts of attacking humans.

Water babyWe’ve seen a lot of Blue Tangs and they are really a colorful, graceful fish. But today was really special, with this large school of them cruising around.

So without further ado, here is another movie of the tangs.

This is a movie of a stingray moving along the ocean floor. It’s in quite shallow water, less than 3 feet of water. He’s fairly small, only about 2 feet long in total, including his tail.