Barracuda bits

Barracuda and friendWe have been without the internet for a couple days, as the Divi had some problems with the router that supplied the end of the complex where we are staying… So I’ve just got a few brief things to show. Here’s hoping the connection will last long enough to get this post up.

Just a sanddiverWe have noticed a distinct lack of barracuda on this trip. I think we’ve only seen a couple, which is most unusual. However, on Curacao we saw many, many barracuda being butchered on various beaches. Who knows if they are being over fished? Today we saw a couple and one was quite a monster. We also saw TWO ocean triggerfish today, which was quite special. Unfortunately, they were out near the dropoff and my movie is awfully shaky, so I didn’t include the clip.

But I have compiled a brief movie of some other highlights of the last couple days. The permit fish is a really cool fish, very graceful in the water. It’s hard to take your camera off of them. And the barracuda with the divers – that was fun diving down to get that shot.


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2 thoughts on “Barracuda bits”

    1. Thanks Joy. Bonaire has been as amazing as always. We are always so surprised at the size of some of these fish we swim with! Glad you liked the clips!

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