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Sunday on Bonaire

Pam freezes Bonaire shuts down on Sunday. Only one store on the whole island was open, even though there was a cruise ship in the harbor. So we headed south for a nice drive, searching for parrots, snow and salt!

A pair of parrotsWe searched all over the south of the island and found no parrots. We came back to our hotel and what swoops down and nearly crashes into our windshield? Not one, not two, but three loras! Here’s a kind of “where’s waldo?” picture of a pair of them.

Pelican at Salt CityI’m typing this mostly from my Nook Tablet since my computer is officially gonzo. I can only use it for a brief time (ten to fifteen minutes) before it gets too hot and I need to shut it down.

Baby squid hide outAnyways – we had a nice relaxing day enjoying the sea and sand right outside our door. I’m surprised by how busy the place is, as I expected it to be quieter here in the “off-season.” Lots to see as usual, but again, lots of things we’ve seen in the past, of course. The picture to the right is of a tiny collection of squid, the biggest of which is only three inches!

Large puddingwifeWe saw a puddingwife, nothing unusual about that, except the size! They say that these fish grow to a maximum of eighteen inches, but this sucker had to be two feet AT LEAST!

ParrotfishHere is a decent picture of a parrotfish. Great color on this one, nice and crisp. The water has been brilliantly clear today, and the sun was shining so light was great.

Pam negotiatesPam negotiates the pylons under the dock near the Divi, and STILL she has time to wave a friendly hello!


First day on Bonaire

Renaissance by the Sea We had a nice flight into Bonaire last evening. We had no one sitting beside us, so we were able to stretch out and grab a nap. We had a bit of trouble finding our single night residence, but found it.

It’s a lovely single family home, right on Bachelor’s Beach, called Renaissance by the Sea. It had a wonderful view out the over the large deck, with a private dock to boot. The room was large and cozy, with a very comfortable bed.

Diving for lobster?We had a nice first snorkel. It was great to be back in the ocean. Nice and warm and lots of fish to see.

Our photography is not great so I won’t bore you with second rate pictures. We saw some unusual things today. Spanish HogfishOne thing that we’ve seen once in a while is an eel, being shadowed by a fish or two, while the eel is digging in the ground. The lurkers quickly grab anything that might be tasty. Today we saw that scenario at least a dozen times! And most of the eels had a barjack, a schoolmaster and a Spanish hogfish hanging around!

Black MargateOur movies are not great, but I’ll try to edit a couple together and get it posted. BUT – my computer is in trouble – it seems to have blown the fan, and the computer is running super hot and and is vibrating like crazy. Hopefully it will make it through the trip…

JaywalkersWe moved to the Divi Flamingo after our snorkel and had to dodge a bunch of jaywalkers. Man – dangerous! haha

Sunset on SaturdayWe ran to the grocery store and got stocked up with food and drink, so we’re set for the next seven days! Pretty nice sunset too.

Here is a movie of compiled clips from various little movies we made on day one.