Playa Daaibooi again

Flying GurnardWe have not been to Playa Daaibooi since 2013. It’s a nice sheltered bay with a pretty nice beach. There are lots of palapas and beach chairs, a restaurant, and a pay shower. Yup a pay shower. Stick in 25 cents and you get enough water to rinse off the salty ocean water. Very nice. There is no entrance fee, no parking fee, and no fee for using the beach chairs and loungers.

I’ve had to replace my underwater camera, and I purchased a FujiFilm XP120. It is about the worst underwater camera we’ve ever owned. The pictures taken in the water are absolutely terrible. It’s an ok camera out of the water, but if you’re thinking of getting an underwater camera do NOT buy the FujiFilm XP120. Absolute garbage.

The coral is quite bleached unfortunately. It’s a far too common problem, now. Still, there were lots and lots of fish to see. The water remains quite shallow for a long ways out. You can easily get to some lovely coral, but when you look back at the beach you’re quite surprised at how far you’ve come out. We saw the usual suspects along with turtles, flying gurnards, moray eels, and large rainbow parrot fish.

The SS MinnowInterestingly, we were able to discover where the SS Minnow is now stored! Check out the pic to the right. We talked to the Skipper, but couldn’t find Gilligan. The weather has been fabulous lately. The summer months are very hot here, but now hover around 30 Celsius. Very very pleasant.