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Just some nice pictures

Pretty ButterflyWe’ve been taking it pretty easy here. Not much is new, we have a pretty slow paced life. Golfing once or twice a week. A dip in the ocean once in a while. A big day out is getting gas for the car and shopping for groceries. Thought this picture of a butterfly was very pretty, and worth sharing.

We rarely get out to a restaurant anymore. We do go to our resort’s beach side happy hour on Friday, so long as they are featuring live music. We skip those days that have a DJ. They don’t play many songs for our age bracket!

Trupial alightThe trupial is a very colorful bird, with a distinctive song. We see them everywhere on the island, sometimes just sitting on a cactus. They also like to hang around the golf course’s restaurant hoping for a handout. The featured image on this post has one that I thought made him look angry. Pretty funny don’t you think?

Birds on the golf course

The Curacaon parrotPam and I are on the golf course at least once a week. She takes the camera and has taken some great shots of me playing, and of the birds that make the golf course their home.

I’ve said it before, but there are around five thousand different bird species that spend some time on Curacao. Local species include parrots, flamingo and the predator falcon called the cara cara.

Another birdSome birds are here for just a few weeks. They use the island as a way station as they fly their migration routes.

Lots of color, lots of sounds, lots of fun.

A bird in the hand

Three-SalmonOn Sunday we went for a long walk in Tynehead Park. There are lots of streams throughout the park, and they are filled with spawning salmon. It’s really amazing how large some of these fish are! The main Serpentine branch is filled with Two ducks in Bear Creek Parksalmon, lots of species, struggling to make their way back up to the spawning grounds.

There are predators looking for an easy meal too. Otters and minks can be seen quickly wrestling a fish out of the water. We didn’t see any bears though I’m sure they are around. Tynehead has had warning signs about bears in the past, but not this weekend.

Bird in the HandWhile walking the upper forest, we saw a family standing perfectly still alongside the path with their hands out. I thought it was as strange place to be looking for spare change, but nope, not that. They had some bird seed in the palm of their hands and the birds would swoop down, briefly land, grab a seed or a nut and flit away. The lady offered Pam a handful, and this little movie is what took place!

Couple of bird movies

TroupialHere are a couple of brief bird movies… the first is of the troupial – it’s a wonderfully colored bird, that has a distinctive voice… it’s too bad this bird is busy munching on a piece of bread, because it is really quite a nice song that he has. It is a type of oriole, and you see them pretty much all over the island. This was taken at Boca Catalina, and four of them were flitting from one divi divi tree to the next.

PelicanThis second movie is of a pelican. Now, just how close do you think you can get to a pelican? The answer is pretty darned close! Check out how close Pam gets before he takes off!

This was taken while we were in the ocean just off of Boca Catalina beach.