In Crescent Park

Into the fog

In Crescent ParkIt’s been a trying time for us lately. Health issues for both of us are taking up so much of our time. It’s been a drag. And we’re getting to know too many doctors! lol Bailey has been good, but I kind of feel for her because we haven’t been able to get her the exercise she really deserves.

In Crescent ParkSo, today Bailey and I headed out to Crescent Park for a short walk. It’s really foggy in Vancouver, and apparently will be for the next few days. We took a walk up to the duck pond and Bailey was fascinated by them. They would tease her by coming quite close to the shore and then sort of fade back into the middle. You can see the fog in the background of the bigger picture, too.

It was nice to get out and walk around in the park. It was basically deserted. We only met one other person, and she had a nice dog. She and Bailey had a good meeting, lots of tail wagging and play stances. A great sign that she’s not forgotten how to socialize.

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2 thoughts on “Into the fog”

  1. Glad you got the postcard, Doe 🙂 Hopefully this year will be better than 2013, each year for me has been getting better since the dreadful 2011 so I’m not going to complain, but rather be grateful that I am doin alright! 🙂 Hope you and Audie are doing well.

  2. Bailey looks as though she would like to jump in a fetch a bird for you….Lol…
    I loved getting your postcard from Aruba. 🙂 I am getting so bad about keeping up with friends. It seems we also are going to the doctor more than I would like.
    Hope you both get back in the groove and doing better.
    Best….Doe 🙂

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