A colorful house

Playa Kenepa Chiki

A view up the west side of CuracaoWe have been concentrating on getting to beaches we have not been to before, and today was no exception. We went to a beach that is proclaimed as the favorite beach of the local population, Playa Kenepa Chiki or Little Knip as it’s more popularly known.

The picture used as the featured picture is quite the colorful house! I was wondering if maybe the guy had used up all his neighbours leftover paint to do his house. It’s darned colorful, and you can see if for miles!

New camera shotThe beach is a fairly wide bay with a fairly easy entry. There are some gravel and pieces of broken coral, but stepping over it was fairly easy. It was a lot of fun for sure – the snorkeling was really great. Lots of coral, lots of eels, lots of scrawled filefish for some reason.

Scrawled filefishPam talked me into grabbing a program called “Land and Sea picture fix” and it’s been a bit of a learning curve, but it does a great job with the snorkel pics. (Once you read the instructions, of course, something I don’t do! haha) The programmers were really helpful in talking me through some problems. I highly recommend the program, and the company. I couldn’t ask for nicer guys to work with. This picture of the scrawled filefish was done with the program in just a few clicks. Very handy indeed.

Lionfish colonyThe lionfish has really taken over here in Curacao. We’ve seen some so huge, I didn’t realize they got that big! Where we used to see the odd one, we now see five and six BIG ones. I guess we’re gonna have to learn how to start taking these guys out!


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