Kokomo Beach, Curacao

Week one in the books

Kokomo Beach, CuracaoWe’ve been here a week already, yet it seems like only yesterday we got off the plane! It’s been nice here, very good weather, some overcast days, but no rain.

The snorkeling has been wonderful, and we’ve had a great time in the ocean. It’s been very warm in the water, warmer than I remember.

Flamingos in CuracaoWe drove up to Westpunt again today, and cruised by the flamingos. They are usually quite far down the salt pan, but today they were quite close. This little guy hasn’t quite shed all his youthful down. Cute eh? The big one beside him was quite possessive, moving with him, and herding him back to the pack when he got too far away.

I’ve created a compilation movie, with lots of stuff, including clips of our photo bomber, the Christmas lights, and lots of fish and coral. Hope you enjoy!

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