Hawksbill turtle

Back to Playa Grandi

Green turtleWe looked at a couple of new beaches to go to, but the lure of the turtles at Playa Grandi was too much. Our previous trip here featured so many turtles, but today we saw even more turtles! We could hardly decide where to point our cameras. And as you notice in the featured picture, there was a hawksbill turtle, but he hung out near the dropoff and munched on coral.

Pam on the dockPam is standing on the dock where the fishermen dump the carcasses and heads of the fish they are cleaning. This pelican just didn’t care about us. He watched us closely, and got close to the edge, but we walked right by him.

Just look at this video. There are so many turtles in it, you won’t believe it – or maybe you will!

Yet another turtle!I’m not sure we’ll ever see something like this again, unless we come here again, I guess! It was pretty hilarious and magical. Not sure you can really tell, but the turtles bumped us a couple times, that’s how little fear they had of us.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Playa Grandi”

    1. They were so close to us Maggie, you could have reached out and touched any one of them (with the exception of the really big guy) and they jostled us a couple of times! So much fun… (did you get the video I sent you in your email??)

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