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Ohio 2008

Ohio June 2008

Golf Course SignNow, we were in Ohio again this summer, staying at Joy and Randy’s place. (Happy 38th Anniversary you two!) We played a TON of golf – and let me tell you – Ohio is a GREAT place to play golf.

Golf Course, Ohio 2008.Let me tell you – some terrific courses, for some unbelievable prices. How does this sound? 18 holes on a terrific championship course, a cart, lunch and a sleeve of balls for 20 bucks! Yep that’s right, we did that in Ohio. And there were other great deals too – but the sleeve of balls kinda set this one apart!

GolfCourse_3.jpgComparable courses back home in Vancouver would be double, triple or more! Not that you couldn’t pay more in Ohio, but there was no need! They live quite close to Firestone GCC, so that tells you there is a pedigree there. Every day there was a new challenging course to play. But sadly, we took very few pictures. Most of these shots are from the one course – and I’m not even sure what course that is, to tell you the truth.

But hey, 9 rounds in 11 days… we played a lot of golf!

Here is a movie of a couple famous golfers, who recently (October 18, 2008) celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.

Amish Country

Mesopotamia, OhioBuggyParking.jpgThis is the parking lot at the local Walmart in Amish Country, southern Ohio!

As Randy says, Sam Walton knows a thing or two about marketing, and he wasn’t about to pass up customers with shall we say, less than traditional modes of transportation!

Taking a tour through Amish country is a must when you’re in Ohio. Lots of beautiful furniture made by people who take the time to do really nice work. Just amazing to wander through some of the places.

AmishPamNRandy.jpgThis is outside the store in Mesopotamia. Randy and Pam try to pass as Amish, but the jig was up when we told Pam that she had to get up at the crack of dawn every day!

Standing in the middle of town, across the street from where Randy and Pam had their picture taken is what is billed as the biggest horse in the world. Whether it is or not, this large wooden horse with Amish buggy is pretty darn cool, eh?

Ashtabula County, Covered Bridges

Randy.jpgDeer.jpgRandy is a prodigious driver and we get to see a lot of the beautiful countryside in Ohio. The golf courses I’ve already raved about, but the area where they live has a lot of deer running around, too!

I believe this movie is of the Harperfield covered bridge, in Ashtabula County, in north eastern Ohio.

This county is quite famous for the number and variety of covered bridges in the area.


Amish signsMesopotamia, OhioHarpersfield Covered BridgePeach Portalnear Uniontown OhioWarningPam tees it upUniontown OhioUniontown OhioUniontown OhioHarpersfield covered bridgeHarpersfield covered bridgeAmish Buggy ParkingMesopotamia, OhioAmish SUVPam and RandyAmish Buggy DashboardAmish buggy

Joy in Surrey

Joy in Surrey

Good shot!This summer our good friend Joy flew out from her home in Ohio to stay a couple weeks with us. We had a great time, even though the weather pretty much sucked.

The 18th hole, Linden WashingtonIt was just like old times. We originally met over the internet while playing bridge. We met in person at one of the conventions in 1998. Over the years we’ve traveled to each other’s homes and stayed in touch, even though we’re thousands of miles apart.

Mighta missed that oneWe spent a couple of days down in our time share in Linden, Washington. It’s a pretty little town just across the border from us. We can get there in well under an hour, if the border crossings cooperate.

Cute wind ornamentIt has a really challenging links-style golf course there. You need to know your game well, as there is a lot of water, and you need to know how far you will hit with your club, or you’re in it! It was one tough course.

There are some lovely homes around the course, naturally, but the little golf cart wind sock is hysterical.

Another place had an old golf bag as a planter. Cute too.

Another tough holeTough tee box, Linden WashingtonPam, Maurice and Joy, Linden, 2007Joy and friendsJoy and Maurice, Linden, July 2007View From DeckJust waking upLooking toward Mt. Baker BedroomDining roomCornfields, outside Linden WashingtonRoosters on the Roof Top.View from the clubhouseThe 18th greenThe 18th hole, Linden WashingtonCute wind ornamentGood shot!Every where you look, there is waterMighta missed that oneBy the putting green