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Trevor Linden: All Heart

Trevor Linden, Dec. 04, 08When Trevor Linden retired, it was a no brainer that there would be some kind of tribute to him. He really was the kind of man we all wanted to be… Not just the way he played the game, with pride and integrity – you never got cheap shots from Linden – but the way he was in the community.  And in “real” life, he gives his time to Canuck Place, a hospice for dying children.

Trevor LindenThere was something special about watching him play. You knew he gave you everything he had. He didn’t have to face the media and say, “gee I guess I didn’t come to play tonight” as we heard so many times from Markus Naslund last year.

That ’94 run was magical, and yes, I’m aware it says something about the state of the Canuck’s franchise when a run to the finals twenty years ago is as good as it gets. Linden was tireless and resolute. In today’s NHL, Messier might have been suspended for the crosscheck to Linden’s face at the end of game 6.

Geoff CourtnallDuring the retirement ceremony lots of the ’94 team members were in attendance, including Pam’s favorite Martin Gelinas, Geoff Courtnall, Kirk McLean, Gino Odjick, Harold Snepsts and others. After the ceremonies were over, the uniforms the players wore went to an online auction site to be sold to benefit the Kid’s Hospital. Well, I won the Courtnall uniform! That’s right – that uniform you see Courtnall wearing in that picture is now hanging in our TV room!


Just been having a gas with Sports Action. I’ve been putting down a bunch of 2 buck bets over the last little while, and while I haven’t hit, I’ve got 4 of 5 right 3 times. So now I’ve learned about this Combo playing, we’re going to give it a whirl on tomorrow’s slate of games.

Saturday and Sunday are fun to play because you can have morning, afternoon and evening tickets – 6 bucks total bet. If you take a few ties, you can hit for 7, 800 bucks. Too funny.

I have no idea how the combos work, but every combo costs you a bet, so hopefully I’ll do a 4 of 5 and get some combo pays.

This is a government lotto; we get the tickets at our local 649/Super 7 dealer. For two bucks, it’s fun to see who can win some bragging rights!

Here is a link to the BCLC site for sports action. Take 3 ties and watch the payoff on a 2 buck bet! Hilarious.


Joy in Surrey

Joy in Surrey

Good shot!This summer our good friend Joy flew out from her home in Ohio to stay a couple weeks with us. We had a great time, even though the weather pretty much sucked.

The 18th hole, Linden WashingtonIt was just like old times. We originally met over the internet while playing bridge. We met in person at one of the conventions in 1998. Over the years we’ve traveled to each other’s homes and stayed in touch, even though we’re thousands of miles apart.

Mighta missed that oneWe spent a couple of days down in our time share in Linden, Washington. It’s a pretty little town just across the border from us. We can get there in well under an hour, if the border crossings cooperate.

Cute wind ornamentIt has a really challenging links-style golf course there. You need to know your game well, as there is a lot of water, and you need to know how far you will hit with your club, or you’re in it! It was one tough course.

There are some lovely homes around the course, naturally, but the little golf cart wind sock is hysterical.

Another place had an old golf bag as a planter. Cute too.

Another tough holeTough tee box, Linden WashingtonPam, Maurice and Joy, Linden, 2007Joy and friendsJoy and Maurice, Linden, July 2007View From DeckJust waking upLooking toward Mt. Baker BedroomDining roomCornfields, outside Linden WashingtonRoosters on the Roof Top.View from the clubhouseThe 18th greenThe 18th hole, Linden WashingtonCute wind ornamentGood shot!Every where you look, there is waterMighta missed that oneBy the putting green